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Day 31–Friday Appreciations, Week 5

This has felt like an incredibly long week. I am grateful almost beyond words that today is Friday and that I can relax for at least a day before diving back into a variety of activities. I spent last weekend … Continue reading

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Day 30–The Heart of the Matter

Today I found myself thinking about what’s really important in life. I do this from time to time, in fact probably most days I spend least a few moments thinking about where my priorities are and where I want them … Continue reading

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Day 29–If I’m Going to Eat My Words…

…they might as well be sweet. In yesterday’s blog I mentioned the notion of feeding myself, “a steady diet of not having enough time.” I began to ponder what else I’d fed myself, not literally, of course, but what words … Continue reading

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Day 28–It’s About Time

I knew I was going to be in trouble when I went to bed after midnight last night and woke at my usual time at 5:15. Too many days in a row doing that can be really hard on a … Continue reading

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Day 27–And She Saw That It Was Good

In the Book of Genesis it says that after God created the various aspects of the world, she sat back and saw that it was good. She began with the basics: first light. She said it should be and there … Continue reading

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Day 26–Give Us This Day Our Daily Blog

I am a daily blogger, or at least I have been for the past 700 days. So for me to be contemplating taking a break is a bit radical. At several points during my writing “Lessons in Gratitude” I nearly … Continue reading

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Day 25–The Gift of Time

Earlier this week I was given a gift of time. I was supposed to participate in a meeting from 10 a.m. until noon, but when I got up there, the room was dark and no one was there. I had … Continue reading

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Day 24–Friday Appreciations

This blog is still becoming. As I posted on the very first day (January 1), this blog, this site, my life, is under construction. My last blog, “Lessons in Gratitude,” had a consistent theme throughout all 901 posts: gratitude. And … Continue reading

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Day 23–The Value of a Good Question

This morning, I was pondering how to deal a rather tricky situation that I’m facing. It involves talking to a person about a behavior I’m concerned about. It’s not bad or wrong, or illegal behavior. It’s just that I’ve found it … Continue reading

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Day 22–Defining and Outlining a Successful Life

Someone should have told the Carolina wren it was too cold to sing. After yesterday’s snow day, during which some eight or so inches of snow fell (and I was able to create a most awesome snowperson,) this morning dawned … Continue reading

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