Day 27–And She Saw That It Was Good

In the Book of Genesis it says that after God created the various aspects of the world, she sat back and saw that it was good. She began with the basics: first light. She said it should be and there it was, and saw that it was good. The whole first chapter of Genesis is a description of the creation of the world from the plants and trees to the critters that walk the land, fly in the sky, swim in the ocean, to the creation of humans. At the end of the process, in verse 31 it says that God saw everything that she had created and it was very good. God is god, so of course everything God creates is going to be very good. I’m just a regular old human, I have learned to be alright with, “good enough.”

Tonight my sister and I finished our project. Like most things of this nature it took way longer than we’d expected. I mean how hard can it be–condensing 169 years of family history onto a 24 by 48 piece of foam poster board? In some ways it took me back to the various school projects I did with my kids. I was all about making it look good: presentation was equally as important as the information on the poster. The end result was generally that many of the things my kids produced looked pretty darn good, but that was mostly because I’d end up helping them with it. Sometimes I would be working and look around and they were nowhere to be found. At least working on this project with Sandy was a shared labor. In the end we went from, “this needs to be adjusted,” and “that needs to have a comma in that sentence,” and “that photo is a little crooked” to “that’s good enough.” Sometimes good enough is just that, good enough. The two of us had to overcome our perfectionism or we wouldn’t have finished the project.

I really enjoyed the creative process. When we first started we had only a vague idea of what we wanted to do. But as the time progressed and the poster began to take shape we seemed to gain momentum and the energy we needed to complete the project kicked in. As the primary family historian, I had a number of pictures and facts we needed to construct the timeline and also had many of the physical materials needed to create the visual elements. And above all we have the bond and connection to each other and to the family members whose stories we were telling in picture and text. By the time we were finished this evening we were exhausted. I helped my sister haul the finished poster to her car, and came back into my house, took one look at my disastrous living and dining rooms where we’d done the work, and turned to head for the safety of my room and this blog. I’ll deal with the mess tomorrow.

By the time I close down my computer for the evening it will be close to or after midnight. For the third night in a row I will likely get less than six hours of sleep. Such things take their toll, but for tonight I am satisfied that we got some good and important work done. And whatever amount of rest I get tonight it will have been worth it, not only to finish the poster but to have been able to assist my sister with something important for the work she’s doing. At the end of the day I believe we’ll each look at it and see that indeed it very was good.

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