Day 31–Friday Appreciations, Week 5

This has felt like an incredibly long week. I am grateful almost beyond words that today is Friday and that I can relax for at least a day before diving back into a variety of activities. I spent last weekend and the first few days of this week working with my sister on our “arts and crafts” project creating a poster board depicting pivotal moments in our family history, tracing the migration of our ancestors from our earliest known from 1845 to the present. Wednesday was the quietest evening of the week and I don’t even remember it. Last night I didn’t get home from work until nearly 10 and fell asleep twice writing this blog before finally posting it after midnight. Then up at 5:15 like usual this morning. I usually set my alarm for 7:30 on Saturday and Sunday mornings, but I think I will leave it off tomorrow.

I am grateful to be sitting here on my bed, warm and comfortable. This first month of 2014, now coming to an end, has offered quite a ride. The weather that has wreaked havoc across most of the country touched us here in the DC metro area with a couple of snow days and several days of bitingly cold weather. And yet with all of that we did not suffer the really serious weather that some parts of the country got. Even as I express my gratitude for the good fortune to have been safe and warm and dry throughout the bad weather, I have continued to pray for those who find themselves without shelter or sufficient clothes to cover and keep them warm. This includes homeless canine and feline companions who through no fault of their own also find themselves without shelter.

Yes, it’s been a long week, one of those that felt like two weeks rolled up in one. And though I went to work each day feeling tired and not fully 100 percent well this week, I am grateful that I have a good job to go to every day where I can give of my time, talent, and energy, and earn a living to support myself. Having been one of those statistics they talk about as having been “long-term unemployed” I am grateful to be working in a full-time, benefited position in my field. So many people are not that fortunate.

One of the things I guard against as I think about the many blessings in my life is not to get caught up in feeling guilty about them. For one thing, guilt is one of those unhelpful emotional states; very little good come from feeling guilty, unless it somehow spurs people to action, which it usually doesn’t. I am fortunate, there is no doubt about that. I am aware of and express gratitude every day for the many blessings I receive and do not take them for granted.

As I end this week and close the book on the month of January, I am about to embark on a writing project that will take me away from writing a lengthy daily blog, I might pop in and share a quick thought or two each day without the detail and length I usually offer. The risk, of course is that I won’t return to daily blogging. We shall see what happens in the days and weeks ahead. I am grateful for the time I’ve spent each day for the last months sharing my thoughts and ideas. We shall see where this process takes us next.

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