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Forty Days, Day 10–Watching One Hour

I love my friend Pat. She embodies much of what one thinks about when you look up “best friend” in the dictionary. Loving, kind, friendly, funny, and one of the most important qualities a friend can have: she’s there for … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Day 9–The Body Electric

One cannot talk about the 40 days, these particular days, without talking about the body. So much of what is reflected upon, commemorated, grieved, and celebrated during these days deals with literal, metaphorical, historical, symbolic¬† connections to the body. I … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Day 8–Small Moves

There are 66 steps from the lobby of my building to the floor my office is on; I know, I climbed them twice yesterday and once today. I almost always take the stairs down, unless I’m walking with someone who … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Day 7–Trouble Don’t Last Always

The other day a coworker was teasing me about how bundled up I was as I was about to leave the office and head out into subzero weather. I was so wrapped up in my hat and two scarves that … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Day 6–Taking the Easy Way

I fast a lot. I began the practice a few years ago when my best friend mentioned to me that she and a friend from her church were going to fast and put some requests before God. “I’ll join in … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Day 5–Shall I Compare Thee…?

Anyone who’s ever tried to do anything every day knows what a challenge it is to establish a habit and maintain the routine. When you’re trying to write or create artwork or compose music or do anything creative every day … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Day 4–Good Grief

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, time to kill and a time to … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Day 3–Tears in Heaven

“Beyond the door, There’s peace I’m sure, And I know there’ll be no more Tears in heaven.”¬† ~Eric Clapton, Tears in Heaven The other night as I was stashing my computer on the lower shelf of my bedside table I … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Day 2–Seeing and Being Seen

I was chatting with a young colleague the other day who was complaining to me that he needed to change his email address because it included his birth year — 1981. I pointed out to him that from my perspective … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Day 1–Another Beginning

This is my first posting of 2015. It was definitely a whirlwind end of 2014: I ended a chapter in my life and turned the page to begin a new one. After three years of writing an almost daily blog … Continue reading

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