Thirty Days, Another Journey, Day 10

Sometimes people try to “game the system,” to cut corners, and cheat. This can be especially true when they think no one is watching them. I have no watcher, no gatekeeper or minder to tsk tsk me if I do something to violate my fast. And because I am not of the Muslim faith, I have no imam or holy person to whom I am accountable. And yet, I find myself minding and watching myself to honor the commitment I made at the beginning of this holy month.

Today I awoke with a really good head start on a really bad cold. You are not fasting today. I acknowledged to myself. I did read the guidance on fasting and illness. You can’t break your fast if you feel weak or ill because of the fast itself. But a good old fashioned upper respiratory infection has laid me low.

I’ve missed half of Ramadan, I complained to my partner. First it was all that traveling and now I’m sick. I’ve not fasted more days than I have. At some point, the law of diminishing returns kicks in. I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet, but, depending on how I feel upon waking it could be another non-fasting day.

I have fallen asleep three times since I started writing this, I think I’d better sign off and get to sleep. Tomorrow, as noted by Ms. Scarlet, is another day. And so it is, and so it goes.

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