Forty More Days, Day 24–Stuck

Writing a daily blog can be challenging. Being creative every day for 365 days is even more challenging. My daughter undertook this challenge last year and did it and now is in year two. I decided to join the challenge this year and have written something creative every day since January 1. Sometimes it’s been some not great haikus, and for these 40-plus days, this blog counts. Then it’s back to the haikus or perhaps some really bad poetry. My daughter is a writer. For them, I believe it flows a lot more naturally for me, though I’m sure their muse fails to show up from time to time, as does mine. Still, it’s something to strive toward.

This evening my muse, like Elvis, has left the building. So you, dear reader, will have to struggle along with me as I meander my way through this post. It has been a cold, rainy, dreary kind of day. We went out earlier in the day to an event, and when we returned, I curled up on the sofa and went to sleep. Suffice it to say that I accomplished very little today. And yet somehow that has to be alright.

I belong to that group of people who feel as though a day spent lounging around, curled up on the sofa is a day when I could have been doing something “productive.” Surely you have something you could be working on. I tell myself. To do nothing is out of the question, and yet, that’s exactly what I did today. Well, I did do my laundry, water the plants, and finished loading and running the dishwasher, but that was nothing. Perhaps tomorrow I will do better.

The question is about knowing when self care is needed. Sometimes your body tries to tell you when you need to slow down (sometimes you end up curled up on the bathroom floor) and take some time to rest and refresh your mind. Heck, even Jesus had to get away from the crowds every once in a while, and he was the son of God. I suppose the Son of Man showed up on those days.

Tonight I am really stuck, very nearly completely blocked. Rather than continue to struggle and write something mediocre, I will end here. The challenge of being creative every day takes a toll on even the most prolific writer (I’ll have to ask my daughter how they do it…) not to mention the need for it to be good. Tonight I am letting that all go in the name of resting and self care. I hope to be back tomorrow with a little more energy and a coherent message. That is my commitment to you and to myself. And so it goes.

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