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Forty Days, Bonus Day–Why Are You Looking Here?

How must it have been for the close followers of Jesus to come to grips with his death, to endure hours, watching his agony on the cross or their own agony at being too fearful to be anywhere near the … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Day 28–The Call of the Night Sky

This evening the Moon and Venus are doing a dance in the night sky. It is a wonder to behold them. From the time I was a young child I’ve been fascinated with the planets and stars and all things … Continue reading

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Day 37–The Sounds of Silence

Today has been a very noisy, hectic, non-stop action kind of day. I finally reached a point in the late afternoon where I believed that if one more person came into my office to ask me one more question, tell … Continue reading

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Day 16–They Should’ve Sent A Poet

There was a scene in the movie “Contact”  in which the protagonist Ellie Arroway is propelled on a cosmic voyage across time and space. She gets to a place where the awesome majesty of the heavens is spread out before … Continue reading

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