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Forty Days Returning, Day 25–Moments of Joy

Recently I have asked myself the question, “What gives you joy?” It seemed like so many people around me had an activity or pastime where the joy they received from engaging in it gave them immense pleasure; in a word, … Continue reading

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Forty Days Revisited, Day 14–Restoration

This evening I found myself thinking about a friend of mine with whom I had spoken earlier in the week. She, like me, had gone through a period in which her life was rocked by a series of challenges. While … Continue reading

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Another Forty Days, Day 31–The Essence of Faith

Sometimes I feel a stillness in my center that lets me know that in this moment all is well and that all shall be well. This is the essence of faith, I suppose. No one has to lay hands on … Continue reading

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Seasons of Life: Musings on Holidays with Family

Yesterday I was visited by the ghosts of Christmas past and present. My three sisters and portions of their families gathered at my “baby” sister’s home for dinner. Of course, we weren’t all there as we would have been in … Continue reading

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Lessons in Gratitude Day 988

Today I wore all black clothing to work. From my slacks, turtleneck, blazer, and cowboy boots (not to mention my coat and hat) to all of my inner clothing–underwear and socks–down to my earrings and wristwatch, I wore black. The … Continue reading

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Lessons in Gratitude Day 987

NOTE: To Readers of “Consider This” please know that this post is connected to my other blog “Lessons in Gratitude” an almost daily blog on the theme of gratitude, as the title suggests. I have been writing it for–as you might guess–987 days. … Continue reading

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Day 34–Quick Quotes: Gratitude

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.  ~~Meister Eckhart Sometimes thank you is indeed the only prayer I say in an entire day; but then I have spent the … Continue reading

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Day 31–Friday Appreciations, Week 5

This has felt like an incredibly long week. I am grateful almost beyond words that today is Friday and that I can relax for at least a day before diving back into a variety of activities. I spent last weekend … Continue reading

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Day 24–Friday Appreciations

This blog is still becoming. As I posted on the very first day (January 1), this blog, this site, my life, is under construction. My last blog, “Lessons in Gratitude,” had a consistent theme throughout all 901 posts: gratitude. And … Continue reading

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Day 15–How Much Is Enough?

Right after New Year’s Day I was talking to my aunt. She had called to wish me well in the new year and ask how the holidays had been. In talking about my hopes for 2014, I found myself saying … Continue reading

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