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Forty Days Returning, Day 25–Moments of Joy

Recently I have asked myself the question, “What gives you joy?” It seemed like so many people around me had an activity or pastime where the joy they received from engaging in it gave them immense pleasure; in a word, … Continue reading

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Forty Days Revisited, Day 40–You Can Say That Again (We Rise)

I grew up Catholic. As a child I wondered why we couldn’t say “alleluia” during Lent. As I got older, I came to understand that this prohibition is one of many acknowledgments of the solemnity of the Lenten season, that … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Bonus Day–Why Are You Looking Here?

How must it have been for the close followers of Jesus to come to grips with his death, to endure hours, watching his agony on the cross or their own agony at being too fearful to be anywhere near the … Continue reading

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Day 9–Walking in Your Power

I have been blessed with a creative mind–I have long been a problem-solver, a wisdom dispenser, a producer of a variety of creative outputs. From time to time, particularly when I am in creating mode, I experience a very strong … Continue reading

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