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Forty More Days, Day 35–On Loving More

Here we are again on a Friday night at the end of what has felt like two week’s worth of week. I am continuing to honor my tired mind and body by offering a repeat of an earlier post. This … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Day 13–It’s Not Easy Being Green

It can be a real challenge to be different. In one way or another I have been different my whole life. I’ve walked through the world, gone to schools, attended colleges and earned degrees, lived in various neighborhoods, attended different … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Day 2–Seeing and Being Seen

I was chatting with a young colleague the other day who was complaining to me that he needed to change his email address because it included his birth year — 1981. I pointed out to him that from my perspective … Continue reading

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Day 4–Compassion Begins at Home

Or at least it should. Each day I get clearer that if I want to go do good in the world–and I do–then I must approach the people I encounter and the situations I find myself in with as much … Continue reading

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