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Forty More Days, Day 35–On Loving More

Here we are again on a Friday night at the end of what has felt like two week’s worth of week. I am continuing to honor my tired mind and body by offering a repeat of an earlier post. This … Continue reading

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Another Forty Days, Day 24–How We Change the World

I just got off the phone with a colleague, who called with an “semi-urgent” matter. A student group representing one side of a particularly contentious rivalry was having an event that would undoubtedly be upsetting to a group of students … Continue reading

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Another Forty Days, Day 20–Speaking Love

This morning before 9:00 I had expressed love to two different people. Not a record for me, but worth noting. Texting with my nephew, who is studying abroad in Europe, he closed by saying, “Love you,” to which I replied, … Continue reading

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Seasons of Life: Musings on Holidays with Family

Yesterday I was visited by the ghosts of Christmas past and present. My three sisters and portions of their families gathered at my “baby” sister’s home for dinner. Of course, we weren’t all there as we would have been in … Continue reading

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The Next Forty Days, Day 13–Jesus Wept

The shortest verse in the bible is in the Gospel of John, chapter 11, verse 35. “Jesus wept.” Two words. I first learned about this verse when my father told us the story about how he and his siblings each had … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Day 13–It’s Not Easy Being Green

It can be a real challenge to be different. In one way or another I have been different my whole life. I’ve walked through the world, gone to schools, attended colleges and earned degrees, lived in various neighborhoods, attended different … Continue reading

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Day 13–The Blessings of Tender-Heartedness

My daughter MJ is one of the most tender-hearted people I know. This has been both a blessing and a challenge for me in attempting to raise her over the last 20-plus years. I discovered early on that her feelings … Continue reading

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