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The Next Forty Days, Day 11–This Next Thing

“If I can just get through this next thing, I’ll be alright.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used that phrase or something like it. I used it just yesterday when I said, “If I can get this … Continue reading

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The Next Forty Days, Day Two–In the Company of Cows

I think that Jesus had to get tired of people sometimes. I know I do. I found myself looking on the internet to see if anyone speculated (of course they did) about Jesus’ Myers-Briggs personality type. There are a variety … Continue reading

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Forty Days, Day 23–The Flesh is Weak

When God tested Job (at least the story goes that God tested him, it actually could have been a string of really bad luck) he experienced what I have come to call in my own life, “a series of unfortunate … Continue reading

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Day 37–The Sounds of Silence

Today has been a very noisy, hectic, non-stop action kind of day. I finally reached a point in the late afternoon where I believed that if one more person came into my office to ask me one more question, tell … Continue reading

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Day 36–On Cowboy Boots and Attitude

I have two pairs of cowboy boots–one black and the other red. I have noticed a particular phenomenon when I am wearing either pair: my attitude changes. It is subtly different even when I wear the red ones versus the … Continue reading

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Day 17–Exercising Self Care

Every day’s a good day to be grateful, especially a Friday of a long holiday weekend. I am grateful for many things this evening, but right this moment I am simply grateful that it is the end of my work … Continue reading

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